Origami as a Path to Peace…Happiness…Gratitude

“So, as I folded … I made a conscious effort to focus carefully on every step of the process, to be mindful of each and every part of the  experience. I began to feel an overwhelming sense of peace, and for the entire rest of the evening, an overwhelming sense of gratitude. As Sharon Salzberg says in her book “Real Happiness”,  ‘In an ordinary day we can be moving so fast that we lose touch with quieter moments that could nourish and sustain us.’ I’m beginning to see what she means.'” – posted by melody on workman blog

Our Lenten Creative Workshop this Sunday, March 23, at 4:00 p.m. in the Coffee House, will be the practicing origami (paper folding) as a way to slow down into quiet mindfulness. Elizabeth Lott Mussman will lead. Elizabeth is an experienced origamist and paper connoisseur who creates original designs in unit origami. She also grew up in this congregation and is excited to share her gifts with us.