This year, you have a special opportunity to go deeper.  This year, First Christian Church will be a place where we can help each other on our journey to Jesus.

This time of year, it is easy to get lost in the bright lights and shiny packages – in thoughts of what to buy and things to give.  But, as the book titles proclaim, “Whose Birthday is it, Anyway?” and “Christmas Is Not Your Birthday.”  Society around us tries to use Christmas to get people to buy things.  But if the gift is “God with us” – Emmanuel, then what is the true meaning and how do we allow ourselves to be guided by the God-light Star, and not by the glamour and glitter of that which does not satisfy the deep places of our souls and lives?

Do you hunger for a deeper relationship with God and to be more in touch with “God with us” that is celebrated and sought in this Advent and Christmas season?  If so, you are invited to join others on the Journey to Jesus this year.  Each Sunday late afternoon during Advent, people will gather in the parlor at church.  As we gather, we will allow ourselves to discover tools and equipment for this spiritual journey.  Centuries of followers of Jesus have found various practices that enhance and focus the journey.  And all can participate.

On Sunday, December 2nd, from 4:00-5:30pm, people will embark on this journey by encountering God through different practices.  Then each person can decide which one they are drawn to and meet with that group for encouragement, guidance and support.  The groups will also share with one another so there is more learning and ideas that will help our daily walk.

These are the 5 stations and leaders that will meet each week:

Seeing Christ in Others Using hospitality as a way to “see” God in our daily lives.

Creating Sacred Space Using the objects around us to create a sense of the holy.

Dwelling in the Word Listening for God’s word to you through scripture.

Centering in Prayer Listening for God in silence and prayer.

Journaling the Journey Reflecting on our experience of God through writing.

The idea is that you come back each week (Dec. 2, 9, 16, and 23 from 4:00-5:30pm) for inspiration, support and sharing of your daily walk on the journey.  Feel free to talk with any of the leaders with your questions, thoughts, etc.  This is a great way to experiment with spiritual practices that may not be familiar to you.